Promoted: Make it Balanced Choice

When it comes to kids’ pizzas, you shouldn’t have to choose between nutritional benefits, operational efficiencies, and great taste. Our new and improved Balanced Choice Pizza is packed full of good stuff without compromising on taste, guaranteeing a meal option kids will love! 

Built from the base up with our unique rising dough and tomato stuffed crust, the Balanced Choice bakes in your oven first time giving you a fresh takeaway taste in as little as 4 minutes!

Pizza’s popularity continues to grow and has become a consumer favourite, especially for sharing occasions where we see spend per head increase. Healthier options on menus have also increased in consumer importance, meaning the Balanced Choice is the perfect addition to menus looking to offer that lighter takeaway taste.

The Balanced Choice pizza includes one of your five a day, a source of fibre, reduced saturated fat, low sugars, source of protein AND it’s vegetarian. Served as a main meal, by the slice or as a snack, our fully topped solution helps you reduce wastage, hidden costs, and preparation time meaning you can concentrate on what’s important.

Sound good? The proof is in the eating. Claim your free sample now and see for yourself!

For a menu option with universal appeal, it’s got to be a Balanced Choice.