Louis to launch in Manchester

This autumn, Permanently Unique Group (PUG) will launch a new restaurant and music venue in Manchester.

The idea for the concept, Louis, has been incubated over three years, and will be an ode to the New York restaurants often portrayed on the silver screen as a home away from home.

Guests will be served a menu developed by executive chef Ippokratis Anagnostelis, who recently launched FENIX, also part of the PUG family. Anagnostelis's menu will include fresh pasta hand-made in a dedicated workshop adjacent to the Louis kitchen.

Head of beverage, Will Meredith, will create a 12-strong drinks programme focusing on classic American cocktails. 

As a city known for its musical prowess, Louis will instil the quintessential Manchester ear for fresh new talent, alongside a weekly roster of performers from soul singers and pianists to jazz quartets and swing bands. 

Louis will be a dinner-only venue and will open five nights a week, with a reservation-only policy. Akin to the era that has inspired much of Louis, the restaurant will encourage a no-photos environment with an emphasis on lived experience over content creation.

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